The Navy Pilot Career Guide Will Help You Get A Flight Slot

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To: Future United States Naval Aviators

Re: Your Future Flying Career

In as little as 18 months from now you could be flying:

You could be:

When you're not flying you could be exploring any one of a number of exotic locales.

You'll be working and flying with some of the greatest people on the face of the earth.

And you'll be a member of a very special and elite club--those with the dedication, heart, intelligence and skill to earn the gold wings of a Naval Aviator.

This is just a glimpse into the exciting, challenging, and fulfilling career awaiting you as a Navy pilot.

But the Navy doesn't exactly hand out pilot slots on a silver platter. In fact, it's fair to say the Navy is a bit stingy.

It costs well over a million dollars to train a pilot and the Navy needs some type of reasonable assurance that you'll be able to make it through the program.

But before you become a pilot you'll need to earn a commission as a Navy officer (all pilots are commissioned officers).

And before you earn a commission you need to get past the numerous roadblocks the Navy puts in your way.

Anybody can say they want to be a Navy pilot.

Only a few can prove it.

That's why the Navy institutes a number of "barriers" to entry. The Navy knows through years of experience what type of a person is best suited to be able to earn a commission and make it through flight training.

They look for certain character traits in you. If they don't see them they will not accept you into their ranks and you will not be given the priviledge of earning the wings of gold of a Naval Aviator.

So your first great challenge is to show the Navy that you posess the character traits they're looking for. That you're able to earn a commission, finish flight school, and go on to become a Naval Aviator in the most powerful navy to ever sail the world's oceans.

If you can't prove to the Navy that you have what it takes then this will be the beginning and end to your career. Your future as a Navy pilot rests in this one area. If you can't get into the Navy and earn a commission you have absolutly no chance of becoming a Navy pilot.

This is where the Navy Pilot Career Guide comes in. This guide can take you from where you are now (whether that be high school, college, or post college) into the cockpit of a Naval aircraft. The strategies taught in this guide are proven, time tested techniques that have worked for hundreds of aviators before you, will work for hundreds after you and there's absolutly no reason why they won't work for you.

Once you get to flight school by following the strategies and techniques in this guide, prepare to be inundated with reams of information. Some say it's like drinking from a firehose.

The Navy Pilot Career guide gives you study strategies and techniques that will help you not only learn the huge amount of material you'll be required to but also retain and be able to recall it at a moment's notice.

And once you start actually start flying, you can use the "secret" but highly effective techniques taught in the guide that will make you a more capable, confident, and skilled pilot.

Don't be surprised if your instructor says you're a natural.... He won't know that you've followed the techniques in this guide.

The Guide also gives you a look into your life after you get your wings.

In short, this guide, designed by me, a former naval aviator, with the input and consultation from other current and former naval aviators is designed to give you the knowledge, techniques, strategies, tips, and information you need to become a United States Navy Pilot.

navy career guide package

This Guide Contains:

This comprehensive system, designed with the input from numerous navy pilots, is like having a trusted group of ass kicking, fire breathing navy pilots advising you as you set off to accomplish your goal of earning the wings of gold of a naval aviator.

Let's take a closer look at the individual componetns of the guide.

navy pilot career guide manual


The Navy Pilot Career Guide Manual--This is where it all begins. This is where you'll learn the strategies, techniques, and tips that will virtually guarantee you a flight slot.

These are time tested, proven techniques that have worked for naval aviators before you, will work for those that come after you and there's no reason they won't work for you.

This manual puts you in the "driver's seat" as you proactively plan out and act on those things that will get you a flight slot.




navy pilot special reports one


Special Report One- Naval Aircraft And Missions

This report takes a detailed look at the aircraft and missions that make up Naval aviation.... the aircraft that you'll be flying. This special report includes aircraft performance specifications, primary and secondary missions, the types of ordnance carried, and more.






navy pilot special reports 2

Special Report Two -Excelling At Flight School--Flight school is a mental, emotional, and physical exercise. Get tips that will help you deal with the enormous amount of information that will be thrown your way that you will be required to know and recite on demand.

Additionally get little known exercises and techniques that will keep you as cool as a cucumber when your flight instructor is throwing everything at you (even the kitchen sink).

These exercises have helped countless pilots before you become more confident, more relaxed, and ultimately better and more capable pilots.




navy pilot special reports

Special Report 3- Your Navy Pilot Career-- Being a Navy pilot is about more than just flying. Remember, every Navy Pilot is first and foremost a Navy Officer.

This reports gives you a look inside your career as a Navy pilot. Get a feel for the way your career should progress. What type of ground jobs you can expect ( every Navy pilot has a flying job and a ground job) and when you can expect to be promoted.






navy pilot disc 1


Disc 1--Naval Aircraft and Missions--Get an overview of the types of aircraft and missions that make upNaval aviation team. Get an overall view of the roles and missions of Naval aviation in general and how aviation is used to to support the overall missions and capibilities of the U.S. Navy..





navy pilot career guide disc 2

Disc 2--How to Excel At Flight School-- When you employ the strategies in this guide and make it to flight school the information in this report will give you a leg up on others.

The information at flight school comes a mile a minute--some compare it to drinking from a fire hose.

This disc gives you strategies and techniques you can use to retain more information in a shorter amount of time.

It also gives you tips on how to be a better student pilot and how to remain as cool as a cucumber in the cockpit when your instructor is throwing everything at you (including the kitchen sink).


navy pilot disc 3


Disc Three- Your Naval Aviation Career

Pull back the curtain and get a "peek" at what your future career will look like. Whether you're flying jets off of a carrier, helicopters off small boys or land based patrol aircraft, this disc will let you know what to expect.





navy pilot career guide disc 4

Disc 4--Flight School Reference--When you get to flight school you'll be required to take a battery of academic tests. you'll have classes in aerodynamics, meteorology, aircraft engines etc.

Get a "sneak peek" at the official books you'll use. Additionally, take a look at some sample test questions.

This guide gives you the information, strategies, techniques, and tips that you'll need to earn a commission, get a flight slot, excel in flight school, earn your wings and get a good start in your career as a Navy Pilot.

I'm so confident that you'll see the value in this information that I offer a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

navy pilot guarantee


This is more than enough time for you to review the material and put your own specific plan into action.

My goal is to see you reach your goal. Being a Navy pilot is a great career choice and I'm honored to be able to help you achieve your goal. I previously offered this guide for $147 but have recently slashed the price by $50.

For a low, one time investment of $97.00 this system can be yours and you can be on your way of achieving your goals of becoming an U.S. Navy pilot.